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I want to access COM alternately from two programs

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I am writing a control program in C#
I want to start two programs and alternately access COM3 (USB address: ASRL3::INSTR).
However, in reality, you cannot operate it without closing one of the programs.


But I was able to do this before.
For instruments with USB address USB0::0xaaaa::0xaaaa::aaaaaaaaaa::INSTR.


At the beginning of the program we declare "using NationalInstruments.Visa;".
It cannot be resolved by "Dispose" of "MessageBasedSession" after communication.


What is the difference when recognized by COM?
Also, is there any way to solve this?


.........Google Translate.

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Better create another appC which will be the gateway for the COM port and appA and appB will communicate with appC for any transaction with COM port.

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