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How do I attach a MS8 control to a task?

I am new to data acquisition, and reading the "help" hasn't been much help.  Basically what I want to do is attach a thermometer control to a data stream from a DAQmx task so that it will update as the task acquires data.  I can do this with a single sample using a timer, but that is pretty crude.  I want to be able to do it using a continuous acquisition.  I've been looking at the examples, and they don't use a control directly.  It looks like the reader passes to an array, which passes to a datatable, which is bound to a datagrid.  Are all these steps necessary to get a usable stream of data?  Maybe I'm thinking too hard about this.  It just seems that there has to be an easier way to do this.
Joe White
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Ok.  Never mind.  I figured out how to use the async callback to retrieve my data.  My next question is:  Is the array overwritten each time the callback is called in the following  code snippet?



If taskRunning = True Then

'Stop reading and pass the contents of the buffer

'to the array using the async callback

data = myreader.EndReadMultiSample(ar)

TextBox1.Text = data(0, 1)

myreader.BeginReadMultiSample(1000, callback,


End If

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when you call ....end read...

the resultant samples overwrite your array named "data"

you can observe this behaviour in the datagrid example that you refer to

Philip Newman
General Dynamics
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