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How can I configure EOS character in + measurement studio ?

Hi all,

I would like to control Oxford temperature controller ITC503 via GPIB with and measurement studio.

The equipment requires that sent commands are terminated by a Carriage Return (CR) and responses
from the equipment are also terminated by CR.

I could set or change parameters of the equipment correctly by the code gpib.Write("command" & vbCr).
However, if I try to get responses by sending the code gpib.ReadString(), it always falls into timeout.
I guess this is because the EOS is not correctly configured.
I have already succeeded in accepting responses in MAX by setting EOS bite to 13.

I would be grateful if someone knows how to set EOS character in + measurement studio.

Thank you.
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Hi muramasa,


You can set the EOS to CR by using the viSetAttribute function and setting VI_ATTR_TERMCHAR to 0xD.

Please let me know if this helps.

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Hi, Kitajima-san,


Thank you very much.

I could settle the problem by adding following codes.


gpib.EndOfStringCharacter = 13
gpib.EndOfStringComparison = 0
gpib.SetEndOnWrite = False
gpib.TerminateReadOnEndOfString = True
gpib.SetEndOnEndOfString = False


Best regards,


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