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Draw rectangles

I'm using Measurement Studio 7.1.
I have the problem to get a rectangle into a graph which shows
measurement data.
This rectangle should be as scrollable and zoomable as the
graph but my rectangle i insert is fix on the screen.


new Pen(Color.Turquoise,2),10,10,50,50);//   works!!! but without scrolling and zooming

Hope you can help me.
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Are you using the rectangle to highlight a region of data? Have you tried using a range annotation instead?
To add a range annotation, right click on the graph, select "Edit Annotation..." and then in the collection editor, select Add >> XYRangeAnnotation.

This should take zooming and panning into account.

I hope this helps

Bilal Durrani
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Thank you for reply.
It is a little bit of that i want to have.
This rectangle 'window' should be able to move and
edit(runtime), something like a rubberband rectangle.
I need this for my measurement data graph in which i
will insert this window to control if my graph is in this range.
Hope you understand me.
Seconde Question.
How get I single lines in my graph which are also can be moved and
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This is my result. All I want works, but it is very inexect in the area auf the

edge points. Can anyone help me?

Another Problem is to use this one outside, i.e with a ButtonClick.



PointF point1 = e.Plot.MapDataPoint(e.Bounds, 1.0, 1.0);

PointF ZeroPoint = e.Plot.MapDataPoint(e.Bounds, 0.0, 0.0);

PointF point5 = e.Plot.MapDataPoint(e.Bounds, 1.0, 1.0);

Point point6 = new Point(Math.Abs((int)point5.X - (int)ZeroPoint.X), Math.Abs((int)point5.Y - (int)ZeroPoint.Y));

Size mySize = new Size(point6);

Point point7 = new Point((int) point1.X, (int) point1.Y);

e.Graphics.DrawRectangle(new Pen(Color.Turquoise,3), new Rectangle( point7, mySize) );


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Could you attach a sample of your app? It'll give me a better idea of what the problem might be


Bilal Durrani
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I just want code with that i can handle the problem to

get a rectangle which is able to move in the graph and

able to change the size. I should can click on one edge

of the rectangle an set the edgepoint new on the graph.


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Ok, everything in the project works...

now i have to solve the problem with the rectangles....

this is a kind of example project, which shows my problem.


now after the rectangle is painted in the graph

i want to be able zo click on an edge of this rectangle

and change the location of the edge.

hope you understand me.




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