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Bridge Offset Nulling throwing DaqException

I'm using an SCXI-1001 chassis with SCXI-1521 modules outfitted with 120ohm quarter-bridge completion resistors for strain measurement. I'm having difficulties performing a bridge offset null (no shunt calibration) on the analog input channel collection for my task.  The DAQmx API rejects 2 out of the 21 strain channels I'm trying to configure when I call the PerformBridgeOffsetNullCalibration() method.  I've setup an identical configuration in the LabView DAQmx task wizard, and it performs the bridge null flawlessly. Any ideas?  Has anyone else had problems like this in general? The strain/bridge completion cards have given me tons of problems like this since I purchased them a couple of weeks ago.
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Hello Zack,

What is the exact DAQ error that you are receiving?  An error number and description would be helpful.

There there is a LabWindows CVI example installed at the following location that uses the DAQmxPerformBridgeOffsetNullingCal method.
C:\Program Files\National Instruments\CVI80\samples\DAQmx\Analog In\Measure Strain\Cont Strain Samples

It looks like you are using .NET, but looking at the C file for this example might be useful.  I've attached the C file if you don't have the example installed.

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