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SH37 vs DB37 cables

Im looking for info regarding the SH37F-37M and the DB37M-D37F cables.


i have both cables and they both have part number 188841-01.


How can I tell the difference? Is there a way I can test? I know the DB37 has additional shielding. However, it doesnt explain why both have the same part number. what part number is the 188841-01 actually connected to? How can I tell them apart?


Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Hi trombone23,


Seems like the part number is the same because the only difference is the shielding, but maybe you can tell one cable from another based on the pin diagram, check that the DB37M has 31 uses pins, and the SH37F only 24, maybe that can be useful.


Looks like both cables are used for the same end, the only difference is the shielding that makes it better to reject ambient noise.

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