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Max loses connection with RT Target

Max loses connection with RT Target


When adding/removing new components on a RT targets, I use MAX under <MyRTTarget>--> Software >> Add/Remove. Everytime a selection is made, the RT target has to reboots into Install Mode, which is normal.


Meanwhile, MAX waits for the reboot, but never recovers the connection... After a while( a minute or so), a pop up from MAX indicates a Time out, waiting for the remote target to start. There seems to be a bug somewhere, as the RT target has in fact restarted, and responds to a ping from the Host.


To get around this, I have to mess around by canceling the operation in MAX, going again into the Add/Remove Software under my RT Target, which then works, since the Target is already in Install Mode. Another Reboot brings the system out of Install Mode, etc etc... 


Has anyone experienced this? I was using Versistand 2010, and I am just now trying to use Veristand 2011, and so far the upgrades of my RT targets are veeeery tedious.





Veristand 2011

Max 5.0.0f1


Target: PC running LV-RT. Fixed IP.


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Re: Max loses connection with RT Target

I have only seen this when using MAX from a virtual machine hosted by VMWare, never from a regular computer. Might be related to the network driver somehow.

Jarrod S.
National Instruments
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