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Doubts about measuring multiple channels with the NI USB6212

Hi everyone,

In recent days I have been studying for trying to acquire 5 voltage signals with a NI USB6212 board using Visual Studio and C# language. I want to acquire each signal at a sample rate of 200 Hz (200Hz per channel), I am guessing that I should configure the sample rate of the NI board at 1200 Hz in order to achieve 200Hz per channel requisit. But my doubt is with the buffer size for a continuos acquisition using the internal clock of the board and the samples/channel parameter configuration. What are the basics for these two parameters configuration? I have read in certain websites that the buffer size should be the same value of the sample/channel parameter multiplied by the quantity of channels (5 in my case)... Is that correct??

On the other hand, I have another doubt. In my case (5 input channels) when I read the buffer and store the data read in a Waveform <double> array, how are the samples distributed in the array? For example, lets say that I read for the first time 1000 samples/channel, the array should have 5000 samples, right? The first 1000 samples in the array are from the channel 1 and so on? or each channel sample is intercalated every 5 samples?

Any help will be apreciated.

Thanks in advance


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Hello again... Is there anyone over here that can help me with these doubts?????

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