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Different output format of vibration analyzers

Different output format of vibration analyzers

Hi all,


 I was using the vibration analyzer manufactured by Entek IRD having model no. Datapac-1500. This vibration analyzer measured the vibration in form of acceleration signal and then integrates it to give velocity signal. This value of velocity was always in TRUE PEAK .


Now when i am using Rockwell's Dynamix-2500 (vibration analyzer). It integrates the acceleration signal to give velocity signal but this signal value is always in PEAK NOT TRUE PEAK.


Can anyone tell me WHY is there difference in OUPUT FORMAT of these two analyzers?   


Is there any difference between the INTEGRATION ALGORITHM of these two analyzers?


Any help will be greatly appreciated.





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Re: Different output format of vibration analyzers

This specific board is for an obsolete National Instruments add-in product for Excel called Measure. Your question has nothing to do with that and has nothing at all to do with any National Instruments product at all. How did you even find this board?

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