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C modules 9203 [A] input impedance with 9205 [V]


Hello, I´m Adrian

I´m sorry to bother you with amateur questions, i have just two this time 🙂
1) Is is possible to measure voltage and current with those two cards? (9203 and 9025). What I´m trying to do, is to measure analog output from sensor and in the same time current on that sensor (not on power supply). Separately it works perfectly and precisely. But together, I´m getting wrong voltage values. I read this (last sentence)  , so now i understand why. My question is, is there any way how to measure those values without interference to each other ? (maybe i need another c module? or some electric bypass what im not aware of, or any another way except to measure it separately ? )

2) Is there any C module or a way, how i can programmatically control output voltage from cRIO? Lets say i have 5V power supply, and i wanna change it in labview to 1, 3, 4.75V. Important (where i believe is the problem) i need output with those values + output current around 8-50mA depending on how many sensors i will connect. It can be one, or six.

Any help would be appreciate bc I´m out of ideas.. Thank you very much.

I´m using cRIO + 9203/9205 c modules.

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