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vision assistant - Sequence acquisition

I just sarted using Vision assistant and when I want to do a sequence acquisition, the sequence acquisition wizard only shows the input of the number of frames only. How do I set the Skip Count?, Line, triggering action, timeout and polarity? I only have that one option of Number of frames and then have to click next and finish. Do I do these settings in Vission assistant?, if so, how? Or I have to set all this in MAX? am using labview 2013. If I get a time-out error do I set it in MAX as well? Could not acquire (ROI) whilst acquiring continous images. do I need to install some drivers or all this I set in MAX?

Rose 2010
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Unfortunately, in the Acquire Image (1394, GigE, or USB) step, the sequence acquisition feature does not allow you to specify a skip count.

I filed CAR 488272 to address that request in a future version of the software.

The step should use the Max configuration, or the attributes you specified in the Attributes tab, as for the trigger configuration.

That configuration should be used for the sequence acquisition.

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