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video capture card error

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in NI-MAX I have this error message when I try to select the input of a video capture card: "Error 0xBFFF8013 Unable to find a valid camera file for this device in the NI-IMAQ \ data directory."
While on another computer the same card is working.
I tried uninstalling NI-IMAQ and reinstalling the same version as on the other computer without success.
If you have an idea about the origin of the problem?


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Hello MarcBASLER,


Do you have the same version of NI-IMAQ on both computers?

What camera do you use?


Have a nice day!


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Accepted by topic author MarcBASLER
Thank you for your reply,
The same versions of NI-IMAQ, the same computer models, the same acquisition card.Smiley Indifferent
I'm using a camera that sends an analog video signal on an old NI PCI-1407 card.
I copied the contents of the C: \ user \ Public \ Documents \ National Instruments \ NI-IMAQ \ Data directory, more exactly the PAL.icd file, and that works.Smiley Happy
One question remains unanswered:
On the offending computer I uninstalled NI-IMAQ, cleared the NI-IMAQ directory, and then reinstalled NI-IMAQ: the Data directory contained only one img0.iid file while on the other computer the Data directory contained about 250 .icd files. If it's not the installation of NI-IMAQ that puts these files in place, then what is it?Smiley Frustrated
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