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video acquisition with CMOS

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video acquisition with CMOS

Hi everyone,

I am making a program in labview to record a video for certain time (let is say 1h). When I run my program (attached below) I just get one image instead of a 1h video. I do not why, any ideas?

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04-24-2017 01:39 AM

Re: video acquisition with CMOS

Your VI works fine for me.  When you run your VI, do you see the AVI file on disk getting larger over time? 

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Re: video acquisition with CMOS

 Oh that is surprising, when I run it I just get an image. I will try in another computer then.

So the file does not get bigger with time, it just has the size of a single image more or less. It does not increase with time.

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Re: video acquisition with CMOS

Is your camera actually acquiring multiple images?  Wire the buffer number output of the Grab subVI to an indicator and make sure that number changes over time. 

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Re: video acquisition with CMOS

Hi, sorry for my late response but I do not have access to labview during weekends.

I created an indicator as you said and it changes over time but still I have the same problem. I obtain just one image instead of a video.

The camera when it is used with apropriate software acquires video.

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Re: video acquisition with CMOS

Sorry, I figured out what happened. I had the block diagram opened with the bulb on. That slows down the program so it did not acquire the video properly I think. Thank you for your help.

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Re: video acquisition with CMOS

Hello again, 

I still have problems with this program. As I said, now it records a video but every second there is like a lag on it (the video stops for a bit every second). Besides, intuitively I can see that I do not capture all the frames.

I tried a producer/consumer program but I do not know how to make it work with a video acquisition (I have never used this type of structures before).

Do you know how can I solve this?

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