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vbai tcp server software reboot required

I am using vbai 3.5.1 with NI 1742 Smart Cam and communicating via TCP with Omron PLC.
If power to the machine is cycled, I lose communication with the camera. It seems as though the
server is stopped but it says it's running. When I reboot from vb everything is ok.
1. Can I resolve this or
2. Is there a way to reboot via hard I/O?
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Sorry, I don't know how but this ended up in the wrong board.
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Are you sure the PLC is trying to open a new TCPconnection on reboot?

Can you simulate the PLC using hyperterminal? If you close hyperterminal, and reopen the TCP connection to the smart camera, does it work?

We improved the connection mechanisms in later versions of VBAI, I would also recommend you try it with the latest shipping version: Vision Builder AI 2011 SP1. You can download a trial version from our web site:



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