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roper coolsnap HQ camera labview


I am trying to operate the following camera: Roper Coolsnap HQ . This is a PVCAM black/white camera connected to the pc via PCI framegrabber. The camera does not show up in the Devices list in the NIMax. What should I do?



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Please check with Roper to see if they provide LabVIEW drivers for their framegrabber or if their framegrabber is compatible with DirectShow.

Robert Eastlund
Graftek Imaging, Inc.
Phone: (512) 416-1099 x101
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Is this an NI framegrabber?  If so, which one is it?



Justin D.

Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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No. The framegrabber was supplied by Photometrics (Roper) with the camera.

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Robert is right.  Third party frame grabbers can be used with our IMAQdx driver, but they would have to be directshow compliant.

Justin D.

Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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there are two types of frame grabbers that was shipped out with the HQ, one was the snapper and the other one was the LVDS board. Unfortunately, both are not directshow compliant. What the company now offers is third party VIs supplied by rcubed as the company never had any free VIs developed.


Please call the support line for more information or send an email at

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