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"Make sure all of the VI dependencies (including vi.lib VIs) are located in the same LLB as the VI you specified"

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I am using VBAI 2011 and LV2010.

I design a VI using LV and use it for my VBAI application: VBAI will feed data to VI by updating the inspection UI.

All along it works fine until I add a "linear curve fitting" into the VI - and the error message as above starts to show up.

How can I solve this problem?

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If you go to the Context help for the Run LabVIEW step, there are detailed instructions on how to build all your dependencies into an LLB to avoid this problem, and it will also make your LV code more portable. To access the context help, edit a Run LabVIEW step and go to Help>>Show Context Help (or press Ctrl-H). Go to the FAQs tab and you will see a link to "Saving a VI for Distribution" under a few of the questions regarding this problem.


Hope this helps,


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I can't seem to get it work properly.

My VI (, see attached) has a subVI called "Linear".

I followed the Context Help instruction:

7. ...

8. Select the Source Files category.

9. In the Project Files list, select the top-level VI and any dependencies, and add the files to the Always Included list.

but under the "Project Files" I only see one file, which is my main VI,

What happened? I don't see other dependencies..

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Accepted by topic author splee
08-27-2015 04:09 PM

I didn't have any problems once I followed all the instructions. You won't see the dependencies listed in the App Builder, but after you finish building your LLB, they will be in the LLB. I've attached the generated llb and the project with all the settings I used so you can see what it should look like. When I tried using the generated file in VBAI, it loaded fine. If you need to make changes, remember to make changes to your original VI and then rebuild using the project and use the built LLB in VBAI, don't modify the LLB directly in LV (you may accidentally add a VI from the palette and this will mess up the LLB since not all dependencies will be in the LLB anymore).


Hope this helps,


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but the "Build" llb project takes to long. Can it be selective?

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It only took about 30 seconds for me. Did you try building the LLB as is without modification? Is 30 seconds what you mean by too long? There is already a feature request for LV to improve the performance of the App Builder to take better advantage of multiple cores, but I'm not aware of any way to speed it up (besides making the code to compile smaller).


Hope that helps,


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Nope.. it took about 30min.

How to build the LLB with modification?

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I mean open the LV project from the zip attached in the previous post and just right click and select build without changing anything. If this is still taking 30 minutes something is wrong, but you should probably take this up in the LV forum since they might have more experience with this type of issue there.


Good luck,


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It might also be worth trying different combinations of the additional exclusions in the Project settings (i.e. Don't "Modify project library file after removing unused members", or don't "Remove unused members from project libraries"). Since you're using a VI from the analysis lvlib, if you have the settings wrong, it might try and do something with every VI in there. We had to change our recommendation for these settings from LV 8.5 to 2010 because it was taking forever since it was trying to do something with every item in a lvlib and it kept searching for the VI. The recommended combination is what I found that builds valid llbs and doesn't take forever, but it may not be the same for everyone if you have different settings or something.


Hope this helps,


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