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ocr not consistent for me


Hi All,


I have an OCR challenge.


i'm reading txt that is back lit and from unit to unit there is small variation between the images.  Unfortunately the txt does not appear very different from the backlit areas around it.  i've tried shutting off the backlighting but that doesn't give me very different results.  Does anyone have any tricks for when the text is not much brighter than the background around it?  any help would be appreciated.  Here are two images i'm working with.-36_1.png-36_2.png

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Why is there so little contrast?  Are they different colors but about the same intensity?  You might need to use a color camera to get the contrast you need.  Adding a color filter might do the job as well.


If you are just reading the numeric values, you might want to try the LCD/LED 7 segment display reader instead of OCR.



Bruce Ammons
Ammons Engineering
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