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need help upgrading my vision acquisition software!

Okay so all week I've been working on a VI to hook up my lab's GE680 camera to labview. Someone here recommended I upgrade my VAS because I was running IMAQdx 3.2 and so provided me with this link to 3.7 ( I downloaded the file, extracted it, double clicked auto run, etc etc. At the end it recommended I restart my computer. After the restart, it got really weird. First of all, my monitor drivers were uninstalled. My entire screen was running in the lowest resolution and I wasn't given the option to change it back. I ingored it for the moment. When I went to start labview it gave me an error saying I had to locate a cvirte.msi file (which I did). When I ran my VI, it told me it couldn't load my camera's xml file. I went to MAX hoping to play with my camera to find the entire screen blank. Up until the update I never had a single problem and everything I've had a problem with now I've been able to do before. I system restored my computer to get the monitor working properly again. My vision software is still nonfunctional. Thank you all for your continued support!

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I'm glad you were able to revert your computer back to a functional state, but I'm concerned with what you experienced with upgrading this driver.  I'm interested in what operating system you're currently using.  Is it 32 or 64-bit?  I'd also like to know what version of LabVIEW you're working with just so I can research possible conflicts with your setup.  Thanks for the info, and I hope I can get you up and running soon.

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Im on windows XP 32 bit,

Labview 8.5.1

with MAX 4.7.2

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Also as an update, I've been working with the system and looking for solutions on the internet. So far I've redownloaded MAX, which at first seemed to clear up the problem because at least now I had things listed under the configuration tree whereas before it was completely blank. However when I clicked devices, it told me I had a corruption error. I followed the steps online to revert MAX to fix the corruption error and now I have the configuration tree AND I am able to see my camera, but the main problem still remains that it can not load my camera's xml file anymore. I reloaded the camera's firmware as this was the only solution online I could find but it didn't help. Thanks again!

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I'm glad you were able to clear the database corruption.  I'm wondering if you get an error when you click "snap" when the camera's selected in MAX.  If you do, what is the exact error?

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The error happens as soon as i select my camera in MAX. Its 0xBFF6901D "unable to load camera's xml file". And after that all the snap grab and every other option is grayed out and unclickable. 

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I'd also like to note that I just checked with some other camera acquisition software and it works fine with my camera. It is only MAX that is unable to load my camera.

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That error usually indicates that you need a firmware upgrade from the camera manufacturer. Get in touch with Prosilica and see if they have a firmware update for your camera. That should clear up the problem.

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I've already updated the camera's firmware to the latest version as spiecified by the camera's manufacturer and I'm still recieving the error. Hmm, just my luck. 

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