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multiple high resolution cameras




I have an (alignment) application where I will use three high resolution cameras (about 4MP). I want to view the three images at the same time on two/three monitors say at 5-10fps. I will also set regions of interest.  

So my (too general) questions are:

- What would be the best solution for this setup?

- Are the frame rates at all realistic?

- Which camera interface (gigE or firewire)

- I have some experience with LabVIEW vision but wouldn't that be overkill for such a simple application?


I appreciate all input before I start buying all the necessary components.



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One more thing I forgot to mention: I would need to overlay cross-hairs on the images.



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The framerates are realistic, especially if you choose GigE Vision, which:


  • has more bandwidth than 1394, and
  • can be configured with one PC to be the master ("control")  PC that both configures and views, with additional PCs, including even very modest Linux machines, monitoring via multicasting
Agreed you do not need "smart" software such as Labview unless the application must be expanded later to do true "machine vision" interpretation of the images.  A vendor provided (bundled with cameras) viewer should be sufficient for your needs.
Scott Smith
(Allied Vision Technologies)


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Ah... the cross-hairs requirement does add a little more complexity...   but there are ways to get it done under either GigE or 1394, with software that is either "bundled" with cameras or relatively low cost.


But since this forum is provided by NI for NI topics, we probably shouldn't go "off topic" in this space....


I suggest you either stay in this space with "How to do it under Labview"  or approach your local camera distributor if you want to explore a non-NI approach in this instance.





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