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legacy imaq1394 acquisition not working anymore giving error -50353

Hello again,

I should add: after re-installing the VAQ 8.6 driver package, the error message changed to "Not enough Memory" (with a very long number as error code).

Also I should mention that another Image Aquisition program, which was delivered with the camera, still works fine.

P. Bohr

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P Bohr,


What image size are you trying to acquire? Also, how many images are you acquiring in your sequence? If you reduce either number, does that help?



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the images are around 200 x 700 pixel, slightly above 100 kB in size, if I remember corretly (they're taken by using mono-8 pixels). Aquiring a max. of 400 is possible, more produces the said error, as I have found out.

P. Bohr

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I also have the related error code -50353. While I was using NI Thermocouple to get the temperature values from 8 channel of device, I got a the error -50353 after some executions. I am using While loop to get the values continuously.


Why do you think ı got this error?




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Also, As ı look up, I saw that Labview is using increasing memory space . The program starts with about 140MB of memory usage. Then it crashes with error code -50353 when it is using at about 750MB of RAM space.


How can I handle this?


Could you help me? 

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