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Dear NI, i am working on a project based on capturing an image using LABVIEW , and then sending orders to a PIC microcontroller in order to move some devices and motors.

in order to capture the image, i used the NI IMAQ , and i have taken one of the examples shown in labview (the sequence one) in order to take images consequently. But there is one problem, when the image is captured, i can see the pixel value if i put the mouse whereveer i want, but this is not exactly what i need, I NEED to GET to the IMage Matrix, in order to do some image processing, and find the hight pixel value, and tracking it.

So please.. HOW CAN I GET TO this matrix after that the image is taken .. where is it saved? or how can i do some image processing on its pixels..


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Thank you for posting your question to our forum. Since you want to retrieve pixel values from acquired image, did you try to use IMAQ ImageToArray function? There is a very nice example which shows how to do exactly what you need, by using this function. You can find this example in NI Example Finder under Toolkits and Modules -> Vision -> Functions -> ImageToArray


Please take a look at this example and let me know if this helped you.


Best regards,


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thanks a lot for ur reply to my question. i also have another question please:

the picture that is captured using IMAQ is a colored ( RGB) picture, How can i transfrom this image to a grayscale image, so i can easily detect  and estimate it. Since when i have an RGB image, the image matrix will be of three dimension. And Is there any algorithm or block diagram from which we can get the image matrix in order to track the highest value later on. Thanks a lot for ur help i am really glad to work with this powerful software

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