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how to find IP address NI 1764


Sorry if this is trivial question - where to find an IP address of NI 1764 smart camera? To connect the camera to Vision Biulder I need to set up IP address which I can't find. I have a feeling that the answer is simple, but please, don't shout 🙂

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Vision Builder AI should be able to discover devices on the same subnet as itself automatically. Depending on version the interface for searching for devices looks a bit different, but it should be very visible either way.


If it cannot find the camera, it might be that you are on a different subnet. If this is not the case it might be due to a software firewall blocking the discovery protocol used by NI hardware.


Another option to find the IP address is to hook a serial console to the camera and it will output it during bootup.


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I set static IP and a subnet and it didn't help. I cannot see this camera in MAX.

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It could be that you have firewall enabled and blocking the connection between the camera and PC, in which case please try to disable the firewall and see if it is visible in MAX.


It could also be that the camera has been previously set with static IP, and it does not fit your network, in which case I would recommend the following:


1. Put IP Reset switch to ON : - page 6-5

2. You should discover in MAX (firewall off) the camera with IP

3. Set static IP (according to your subnet) or DHCP (if you have DHCP server)

4. IP Reset switch OFF - reset camera when asked (after setting IP)

5. Camera should be available in MAX and VBAI.


Let me know how it works out for you,


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Thank you for reply. I have a solution. This camera is new one as well as a PXI chassis that is connected to it. The problem is that I cannot see this camera when it's connected to NI 8234. When I plug eth cable to PXIe-8133 I can see this camera in Vision Builder. But even if I see this camera in VB I don't see it in MAX.


The problem maybe is connected with the NI 8234 - I can see it in Windows Device Manager, but don't see in MAX. Something is wrong and I need to find out what exactly. Probably 8234 is broken.

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The NI 8234 is not supposed to be visible in MAX, but should be visible under device manager - so from this perspective works OK 



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OK, thanks for reply. So now I need to find why it works with 8133 and not with 8234.

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Now that we have learned that you have a secondary network card to connect to your SmartCamera, I would recommend to open MAX




Search: secondary network


The first result is a step-by-step guide on how to perform what you need 


Let me know how it works for you,



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OK, now everything works OK. Thanks.

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