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how to create 2D image to 3D image?

I have IMAQ PCI-1407 card, National Panasonic CCD camera and rotary platform controllled by I would like to create 3D image using with them. LabVIEW 6i, image vision and vision builder were in my computer. Please help me to give some guide lines to create 3D image.
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You can use "IMAQ 3D View" in the Image Manipulation Palette for a single 2D-image. If you want to construct a 3D object out of several 2D-planes you have to write your own code using algorithms that are published or you search in the WWW...
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Is this function only available in LabView? I'mn using CVI/IMAQ Vision 6.0 but I can't find this.

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You'll find imaqView3D() is the equivalent in the CVI environment and is available in IMAQ Vision 5.x and later.
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Although I found a 'View3DOptions' structure in nivision.h, there is no prototype in that header file which references it. Additionally, I faked a prototype for it and built a small test app which had a call to imaqView3D and cvi failed to link it. (I tried several combinations of case to no avail.) I can only assume it is not in the version of the dll installed on my system. I have cvi v 5.0 and imaq Vision v 6.0. Any clues as to why I don't seem to have this function?
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The function imaqView3D() is actually only available prior to IMAQ Vision 5.x and is part of the obsoleted interface necessary for backwards compatibility. To date, we don't have a replacement function - my apologies for inverting the supported versions.
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I also want to convert my 2D image into 3D image with some constraints.

could anybody tell me how to find the published algorithms that can be incorporated into Labview? I only know that such softwares as Matlab, ANSYS and ABAQUS can do that.but the thing is i don't know much about the programming using Matlab and these softwares are also very expensive. so that i cannot buy it just for trial.

Thanks heaps.

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I also want to convert my 2D intenity plot into 3D . Can anybody help me out in this direction.. Are there any Labview VI's or  functions for doing this . Anybody has tried out this .


Thank you in advance.


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