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how to connect external trigger PCI-1433

Hi all:


I met the same problem as this old post:

however the post did not give solution.


I am having an issue getting the external trigger( from PCI 6259) to work with a cameralink camera, a PCIe-1433 card The PCI 6259 is connected to BNC 2111, the output trigger signal from CTR0 is connected to the SMB connector on the 1433 card and is providing pulse train at TTL voltages (0-5V).  Using the MAX SOFTWARE and under the Acquisition tab I have CC1 set to external 0, however the camera is not receiving this external trigger. The camera is Basler 4096-140km.


I measured the ouiput signal from CTL0, the sigal seems good.


I tried RTSI trigger before, failded. I thought SMB should be more straight forward, seems I was wrong.


Looking forward to reply!



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Actually, I can see "trigger status" blinking when program runs. It means that PCIe 1433 card does receive the trigger signal, but camera ignores the signal.


The VI I attached tried to control "the start of aquisition"  by the "rising edge" of trigger signal.


And under MAX, camera is already configured as "triggered" mode.


What is possible reseason why camera ignore the trigger signal???

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Hello Bobjojo,


I believe you are unable to acquire images because the trigger configuration in LabVIEW and the trigger configuration of the camera do not match. Try changing the camera’s exposure control to free run instead of triggered. You can also set the height of your image in the acquisition parameters tab. Try changing these settings and then running your program.

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Hi Earl:


Thanks a lot. Your suggestion does work, however what I tried to do is to control camera with "Exsync edge-controll" mode, so "the rising edge of pulse" will start the acquisiton of  camera, "falling edge" will end acquistion of camera, "duty cycle" of pulse will determine the duration or exposure time of camera. By this way, I intend to synchronize the acquistion of camera with other motions.


Such as if each cycle has 256 pulses, the camera will be triggered to receive "256" indivuidal lines, which group to be a 4096*256 image, and be read out.


Would you please kindly give me a hand, write a small VI to realize that, so I can modify to meet our needs.





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You will actually need to affect the properties of both the camera and the frame grabber to take advantage of this triggering mode. I found a document that contains a good run down of the process to acquire in this mode (linked below). As far as the programming for the acquisition is concerned, the frames will be built at the driver level for the specified frame height. This means that the IMAQ driver will composite the line scans for you, and any simple acquisition (the document shows using the Vision Acquisition Express VI) will be able to pull the image into LabVIEW.

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