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converet IMAQ to Bitmap in memory (without saving it as a file first



I'm correcting a position of single particle on binary image. To do so, I resorted to implement overelays (an extracted particle over black background). The problem is I have to save the particle as bitmap to a harddisk and then loading it (which is not feasible for online correction).


Is there any method to convert VisionImage into Bitmap or Metafile in memory without saving it first on harddisk?


Once more, I use VB.NET but LabVIEW solution can be comprehended and converted.


Thanks in advance

Waleed El-Badry MSc.,MCPD, ISTQB Certified Tester
Assistant Lecturer
Mechatronics Department
Faculty of Engineering
Misr University for Science & Technology

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Hi VBCoder,


Are you using the Vision Development Module software? If so, why do you have to convert the file to a Bitmap or Metafile? If you could just expand a little bit more on your application that would great. I look forward to hearing back!


Paul M

National Instruments | Applications Engineer |
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Have you tried the image.Flatten method? Seems like it might do what you want. To retrieve it later, there is the corresponding Unflatten method.



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I'm not sure but..........CWIMAQImage.ImageToArray should work.

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imagtobitmap.pngJust a concept...

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Hi GriffinRU,


Thanks very much.


I need to do the same thing (Convert a VisionImage to a Bitmap in memory) but unfortunately I don't have Labview and am not familiar with it.  Is there a way to do this in VB.Net using the NI Vision Development Module?


Thanks for any comments

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Have you seen my reply in "From Vision Image to Bitmap"?



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Any success?


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This could be a nice start,


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.... Edited

I have made a mistake


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