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clsernat.dll x64?

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Re: clsernat.dll x64?

xenon35 wrote:



I have a very similar problem. I am running a Windows 7 - 64 bits, and I tried to install IMAQ4.6.4 (doawnloaded from niserver).

The installed dll are 32 bits versions, i.e.:


C:\Windows\system32>dumpbin "C:\Windows\System32\clsernat.dll" /HEADERS

14C machine (x86)
5 number of sections
4F1A7098 time date stamp Sat Jan 21 09:00:24 2012


Idem with imaq.dll, etc...
What is the right way to force 64 bits dll to be installed on 64 bits system ?

Anything installed in the system32 directory on a 64-bit machine is a 64-bit DLL. My guess is that you are using a 32-bit version of the dumpbin executable. Windows uses filesystem virtualization to make it appear to 32-bit processes that all the DLLs in System32 are 32-bit ones when in fact it redirects all access to the SysWoW64 directory. 


I believe Visual Studio installs x64 versions of the dumpbin utilities as well, so if you run that you should see the right DLLs. Additionally you could copy the DLLs to another location that it not virtualized.



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