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cannot configure usb camera acquisition


Hi. I'm trying to acquire a video from a directshow compliant usb camera (omnivision OV2710 evaluation board). The driver of the camera is installed correctly. I use Labview2010 with IMAQdx. From the MAX tool i'm able to acquire the video from my web cam. I'm able from MAX to select my cam and to open it (i'm able to see the vendor, the serial number, the bus type directshow). I'm able to see the acquisition attributes but not the camera attributes, while with the web cam i'm able to see the camera attributes as well. When i select "grab" an error message is shown: unknown error 0x800402179 or -214722096. I also tried to use an example VI (Grab anbd Attributes Setup VI) and the debugger shows me an error when the signal goes to the configure grab node, and the same error as that before is shown. Omnivision couldn't give me any support so i please you to help me. Thank you. Best regards,


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