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can't make icd file work for AViiVA EM2 CL 2014


I'd like to use a CL line scan Camera (e2V AViiVA EM2 CL 2014) with the PCIe-1427 frame grabber. There is no idc file in MAX or the  Industrial Camera Advisor, only "similar" ones (ATMEL AVIIVA M2 CL 201x.icd), which should be fine, but they don't work, I don't get any connection.

I already asked e2V, looked for Knowledge Base Article on that, at postings, and finally used the Camera File Creator. The problem is that I cannot establish a seriel connection to the camera, even though it runs fine with the e2v sw and the NI frame grabber.

Any suggestions?

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Hi Harald,


I am sorry but I do not quite understand:


1. Did you obtain a valid Camera File for your camera from the camera file generator?

2. What do you mean by "serial connection to the camera"?


Maybe you can request to have a camera file being generated for you: go to and have a look at option 4.


Regards, Topp


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