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cRIO 9067 remote USB vision image acquisition

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I have a 9067 connected to a Basler USB camera.  I'm able to successfully view images via MAX and via the Grab example as long as I run the Grab example on the RT Target.  However, I don't need the images processed on the RT or FPGA in this application.  Is it possible to open a remote connection to the camera from my host computer using IMAQdx?


I was hoping I could use something like "[cRIO IP Address]::cam0" in the camera address, but that doesn't seem to work.


Is this possible or do I have to manually pipeline the images from the RT target?




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What is the advantage of acquiring the image on the cRIO then sending it to the PC?  Why not just acquire images directly to the PC?



Bruce Ammons
Ammons Engineering
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In this case its that we want to have one physical connection between our control/acquisition system and the host computer.  We also may need to process the images remotely in the future.

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Accepted by topic author Omar_Mussa

Hello Omar,


You cannot access the camera image directly by addressing it through the cRIO. You will have to implement image transfer between the cRIO and host PC. Fortunately you can do this rather easily by using an image shared variable or network stream.

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In our case an image shared variable will be sufficient - I didn't even think about that as an option.  How is MAX transferring the data from the camera in the Grab window?

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MAX uses an internal RPC layer that is not really designed or documented for any outside use. Shared variables are probably the best bet for ease of implementation.
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Thanks for the info - I was able to get the image shared variable working quickly and it will be sufficient for my needs.  Thanks!

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