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bm-500ge icd file


I have NI-IMAQ 4.1 installed on PC but when I oper the tree Devices and Interfaces and click on Create new I don't find a NI-IMAQ on installation wizard,

I try to install my Jai BM-500GE camera on MAX but I didn't find the properly .icd file.

Please help!!!

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Hello Http Page,


GigE Vision cameras should automatically download thier *.icd files on desktop PC when connected.

Here below you can refer to the latest troubleshooting notes about this issue:


Troubleshooting Tips for GigE Vision Cameras


Moreover, you can provide a compatibility test according to next steps:


Compatibility Test for IEEE-1394 and GigE Cameras with NI-IMAQdx


Please, keep me updated.

Best regards

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