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acquistion timeout problem when working pcie1433 and Baumer SXC10.


Dear all, I'm working with a vision system.the camera is Baumer SXC10, framegrabber using NI PCIe1433.

cause there is no camera file for the camera, so I have to use camera file generate tool to cread it. but saddly the file doesn't working.


IMAQ using Image Aquisition August 2010.(version:4.7).I can use seriel port to communicate with camera, the tool is

Baumer CL configtool. did this prove that the cameralink port is working.

I only wish to grab image, so I think there is no necessary to add camera control(in camera file tool). So did I must add it to my camera file?  Baumer announces SXC10 working properly wish Pcie1429,So I think 1433 can working!

is there some way to find the reason?

waiting for your answers,thank all of you very much!


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I think the camera should work with this grabber, since the serial port can communicate with camera,  maybe it is a cable problem, please try another cable and make sure that the camera and the grabber is well connected!

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