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Write image to file without lost

Hello everyone,

I'm working with PXI-1411 on RT system. The frame rate is 25 per second. I used IMAQ write file 2 to save images in seperated files. But it caused always images lost. Because the velocity of IMAQ write file is much slowier than velocity of image acquisition. But i can't save images to AVI file., because it doesn't work on RT system. Do you have any suggestions to solve this problem. Thank you very much.

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Also if you can then attach a screen shot to show how you have tried.
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I'm so sorry the images are too large to post. If you want them, I can send you a E-mail. Thank you very much.
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Hello Zhongge,


yes you are rigth at the moment the avi function dosent support rt targets. But you are able to use the streaming function for that. 




Kind regards,



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