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Why it takes a lot of time (150 ms ) to log data to local or FTP server


I am using NI1762 Smart Camera and Vision Builder 2010  to do inspection . i did a log step that logs the failed data and images to smart camera local disk or to my ftp (ftp server on my PC) . in both cases it takes 150 ms Avg to log data ( even if i log a single  . system var) and it takes 15 ms Avg to log image .i toke the timing from the VB benchmark tool . Why ?? is it suppose to be faster of this is what the cam can perform . please help me  . 

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Hi MYounis,


Could you please post your code so that we can look at it and see what functionalities you are performing in your inspection?  Do you still get these same times if you reduce the resolution of the image you are capturing?  This will be helpful in troubleshooting the issue further.  Thanks!


Kim W.

Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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Thank you for your replay


I attached my code as VB 2010 template. in the flow there are 3 logging steps (Fail, Missed Pattern, Missed Frame) . Each time the inspection reached one of these steps it takes a lot of time to log it (data and image) . I can reduce it by using the option of "log as background task" , but it starts missing images and data because it told me that the ftp buffer is full . So I can not run it as background task. And running not as background task takes a lot of time (image = 200+ ms, Data = 150+ ms) , it is a lot of time (i am missing frames because i suppose to do all the inspection on 450 ms max).

Is there any way that i can make the logging faster?

Is there any way that i can make the inspection faster?

I am using the NI 1762 Smart camera with Texas instrument Processor, and I was using the NI 1742 before. It seems that the NI 1762 is not much faster than the NI 1742. Why?


Template and Image to test is attached, Please help me 

Thank you again


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Hi MYounis,


What is the resolution of image you are acquiring? Would it be possible to reduce the size? Quality? This would help speed up logging.  Also, how fast are you acquiring images? Could this be slowed down and still maintain performance? This would help speed up processing, too.

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The resolution of the image was 640 X 480 (the original Smart cam resolution).

Now I changed the size to:


Width = 544

Height = 432


Now it is a bit faster, but you asked me how fast I am acquiring images.


I have a trigged acquisition with these properties:

Exposure Time: 0.5

Gain: 100

Trigger Polarity: Falling Edge

Exposure Delay: 80 ms

Acquisition Mode: Immediate 


With these properties I got 12.5 Frames / Sec. Do you mean this??


If yes, how can I slow the acquiring as you mentioned in your replay?


Thanks a lot

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Hi MYounis,


Thanks for the information. We were refering to the 12.5 frames per second.  If you lower the resolution further, do you get an even faster download rate?  Another thing to try would be to make sure that the Windows Firewall is turned off on the computer with the ftp server.  This could slow the saving process as well.  Finally, does the file type make a difference?  You could change the file type to JPEG and reduce the image quality to speed up the file transfer rate. 


Kim W.

Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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