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Why doesn't the IMAQ WindTools display properly in exe?


I'm using the IMAQ Wind Tools in LabVIEW and I'm noticing an odd behavior.  The IMAQ Wind Tools do not get displayed properly when using an exe (they work fine in the LV environment).  In the exe the Wind Tools window is just a title bar that shows up at the bottom left of the screen even though I specified tools to display.


Attached is an example demonstrating the issue.  (Windows 7, LabVIEW 2011 SP1, IMAQ 4.6.1)


Is this a bug in LV or in my code?




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Even stranger is that this problem only occurs in the project when I right-click on the "IMAQ Tools Test" build specification and select "Run".  If I launch the exe directly from Windows it works fine.



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I took your project and was able to recreate the issue. This might be a bug, but is there a specific reason you need to run it from the Build Spec itself? Running from the executable is probably a safer debugging technique anyways. Either way, thanks for pointing this out. Smiley Happy

Ravi A.
National Instruments | Applications Engineer
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