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Why I always lost frames at high frame rates grabbing?



The Prosilica GC640 (GigE Vision) seems to go up to around 5800fps at a 300x10 ROI. You may need a nuclear-powered lighting setup at that low exposure time though, so I can't say how usable it is.



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Eric is correct.  Your exposure time is going to be limited and require that your light source is bright.  Depending on the characteristics of the surface that you will be imaging, you may need to use an old fashioned halogen light source with a fiber optic light guide.  Anyhow, there are several cameras to look at.  The GC640 would be a cost effective option.  At 300 x 25 pixel resolution it acheives 3110 fps.  At 300 x 10 pixel resolution, the camera reaches 4570 fps, and at 300 x 5 pixel resolution, the camera achieves 8490 fps, see for details.  Other candidates would include Photonfocus's DS1-D1024-40-CL, DS1-D1312-160-CL or MV1-D1312-160-CL, see  Another choice would be a camera similar to what you have now, the Basler A501k, see  It utilizes the same sensor.  These camera's would work with the NI PCIe-1427, 1429 or 1430.


If you would like a quotation for any of these products or would like to discuss your requirements in greater detail.  I can be reached at



Robert Eastlund
Graftek Imaging, Inc.
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Hi, Eric


I heard some model , maybe this one you mentioned, could get very hot on running high speed capture..

I'm using mercury lamp to light up the chameber, do you think it bright enough?




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The Mercury lamp may be sufficient.  If it works for the existing camera, then it should work for any of the cameras mentioned.



Robert Eastlund
Graftek Imaging, Inc.
Phone: (512) 416-1099 x101
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I met the same problem with you , in MAX the frame rate is 300 fps ,but when use the LL Ring example with a write module , it save 270 images one second ,so have you solved the problem , waiting for your response .

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Your problem is not due to acquisition but to recording.

You should first improve your storage hardware (using RAID configuration or SSD...) and maybe try to optimize the writing routines you're using.

There are some informations about that on NI website, like the following link :



Sami Fathallah
HW and SW Components for Scientific Imaging and Machine Vision
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