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Where can I find a general information about settings of the PCI-IMAQ-1411 board?

There is many attributes in the properties dialog of the IMAQ channel in the M&A Explorer. For example Mode (Frame/Field), Lock speed (Slow/Normal/Fast/Very Fast), Luma Comb (Disabled/Enabled). Where can I find a comprehensible description of them?
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The starting point is the help file. There is a section with the title: "Setting IMAQ Device and Camera Properties". That section provide some explanations about the properties and options to configure your IMAQ cameras.

You can obtain more information by visiting the Developer Zone at the NI website. Look for the Vision section at the Resource Library. The exact address is:

You will find explanations, tutorials and examples about different topics in vision, including configuration descriptions.

Finally, a full understanding of some properties requires knowledge about vision and image processing. A good book about Image Processing in general should be of benefit.

. Vargas
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