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When using Get Image in NI Vision Assistant, the run button cannot be clicked and images cannot be obtained



Recently I have been learning to use the NI Vision Assistant.I had trouble trying to use Get Image.

  • Following the instructions, I set the path to get the image, and click OK

屏幕截图 2020-11-12 164654.png


But the run button is grey and cannot be clicked

屏幕截图 2020-11-12 164739.png


  • If I just randomly add an original image

屏幕截图 2020-11-12 164814.png


The run button is ready to be clicked


屏幕截图 2020-11-12 164832.png

I don't know what the problem is, but I have a feeling there must be something wrong.


I hope someone can help,please. Thank you!



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Hi there,

The best way to start learning something is by following the Tutorial.


NI Vision Assistant Tutorial

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