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When I acquire a PAL image in LAbview/Imaq/MAX, I can only acquire half of it and the image is squashed

No matter how I try (and believe me I have tried!), I cannot acquire the full picture shown on my TV monitor (PAL video signal) using MAX, IMAQ or LABVIEW. When I try in MAX, under the properties for my Channel, the largest image I can acquire is 200 x 200; anything larger than this & I get the IMG_ERR_TIMO error. In addition, the image I acquire only shows the left hand side of the TV screen and the image appears squashed. As far as I know I haven't created an ROI, but it does look as if this is what is displayed in my image window. However double-clicking on the image does not solve my problems.
I'm using LABview 5.1, and I have up-dated IMAQ Vision
to 5.0.3 but this has not helped. While there is interference in the picture, I assume that this is due to the PCI-1408 board.
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Did you start with the generic PAL camera definition in MAX?

It sounds like you are in field mode instead of frame mode, which should fix the squashing.

Sounds like a good problem to contact NI support with.

Bruce Ammons
Ammons Engineering
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