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Want to understand IMAQ LAbel and IMAQ mask to ROI

Hi All,

I am working with imaq label and imaq mask to ROI. From the document  found here , I understand the way labels are assigned to particles in an image when using imaq label. Are the ROIs of the particles also calculated in the same order, when imaq mask to roi is used, as they are in imaq Label?

Can anybody shed some light on this?   



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by creating a simple example, it seems that the scan direction in both cases is the same (the indexes of the labels and ROI's correspond):




Just remember that the background is labeled as 0, so you need to decrement the labeled particle in order to get the ROI corresponding index.


Best regards,


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Hi Klemen ,

Nice example. I understood the assignment of particles.

Also I came across another vi called imaq label to roi.

I am attaching an improvement to your example which shows the difference between imaq label to roi, imaq mask to roi and imaq mask to roi after imaq label. 



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