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Vision Inspection , ref. point not available

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Hi , I'm new to vision inspection and all that sums up robotics , vision and all that , and a new employee too at our company , I got the task to make an Automated Inspection for our ceramic plates , bowls , etc. My only source are the examples downloaded and the tutorials which are just a few and/or outdated .

Where I got stuck is that my reference point won't save itself ( if I got it right ) , I think the problem originates from the Match Pattern and in 90% of where I searched they used Geometric Matching ( which I can't find ) instead of Match Pattern . 

I uploaded a screenshot of the steps I did , sorry if there are any mistakes I made with the steps but I had no starting point from where should I begin so I did what I found and could.

The "Screenshot_2" is the photo on where I did the steps , the "Screenshot_1" is the next image that won't work with

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What do you mean by reference point won't save itself? Are you trying to save the final image after all the steps? Also, you can find additional examples in the LabVIEW example finder (LabVIEW -> Help -> Find Examples...).

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Accepted by topic author Andrionn
05-03-2019 06:09 AM

-The Set Coordinate System uses the output(Ref Point) of Match Pattern.
-In the failed screenshot, Match Pattern didn't find any matches and hence rest of the steps returned Fail.

-You need to fix why Match Pattern is unable to identify and adjust the parameters like changing template, Algorithm, score according to your best matching result.

-To get detailed help follow the links:

Geometric Matching:

Pattern Matching:

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