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Vision Assistant Crash when selecting an avi file.

When i click Open an Avi file and select the folder that contains the avi file (vision examples folder). Vision assistant crashes

Anyone knows why this can happen.

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Which version of Vision Assistant? I can't reproduce the crash.



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2018 32b.

it is getting me crazy. Also, when i run the example Read avi it crash when it gets to IMAq avi2 Open function.


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I am not surprised. Vision Assistant is calling the same function. Could you please attach the crash dump?

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it does not generate a crash log. VA closed without reporting an error. i think it has something to do with the type of avi.


Using an old avi writeandread vi example, i creted an .avi file using my latop camera.

i did not have a problem accesing this file from Visual assistant..

so i am guessing that for some reason using the .avi in the vision example folders is what is causing the crash.

codec problem??




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