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Vision Assistant 2014 (and DLL inside of LV) repeatedly crashes while reading multiline OCR

I am working on an OCR application. With certain files (not all) the multiline function just crashes. No questions asked.  I set the ROI area to the targeted text and without fail it causes a crash.


Is anyone aware of this problem, and if so is there a solution?



Additional information:  My .abc file is from scratch with default settings and trained characters. Nothing in it should be causing the crash.  Images are simple scanned jpg files.

Edit: I tested it. Crash still happens without any character set loaded, and no changes to threshold, size, or read options.

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Would you mind posting one of the images that causes the crash and give more precise instruction on how to reproduce it. i.e. Does that happen with the OCR Training interface?



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I cut out an offending section of one of the files. It is attached.  To replicate the error:


1. Load image

2. Identification -> OCR/OCV

3. New Character Set File...

4. Select entire text.


NI Vision Assistant 2014, 64 bit. 


Edit: Posted this before I saw your request 🙂   On the "Full sized" image, it crashes always - even when it is called from inside of LabVIEW (the DLL crashes then).  It is how I noticed the bug - my program kept crashing.  Tor this image, it seems to only crash for me inside of the training assistant, but is again reliable.

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Hi BowenM,


Thanks for reporting the issue. I have reproduced the problem on my end with Vision Assistant 2014 (32-bit) as well as in the OCR Training Interface. A temporary workaround that I found is to lower the image resolution. I just took a screenshot of the image zoomed out and saved it in MS Paint. I haven't found a threshold resolution at which the crash occurs yet, but in my testing a ~650x~165 version of your image seems to work and still allow the OCR training to occur. Hope this helps you workaround the issue while we do some further investigation!




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