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Vision 2010 Missing IMAQ USB

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I have been unable to run any examples or software using any of the IMAQ USB files. I tried repairing my installation of IMAQdx and still get the same thing. When the file loads, my computer searches for IMAQ USB Grab Acquire and can't find it. I want to use a USB webcam to grab an image and then process it. Here's what I'm using


LV: 2010 with Embedded for ARM

Vision: 2010

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I'm new to the forum, but thought I'd give this a shot.

I have been through similar stuff.  If you have the IMAQdx driver installed and LabView 2010, I think you will not see the IMAQ USB tab in LabView.  The IMAQ USB driver is, as far as I could see, not supported in this version of LabView.  Instead, the USB function is now implemented in LV with the IMAQdx driver.  Under the Vision and Motion tab on the functions palette, you should see a tab named IMAQdx, and the camera functions should be there instead.


Hope this helps!




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Thanks for the reply krisring. The IMAQdx folder isn't there either. It's like IMAQdx isn't even installed, but I can't find anywhere to download it! I've attached a screen shot of what I have under Vision and Motion.

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Accepted by topic author LabVIEW 2010 Missing IMAQ USB

Check the compatibility chart provided in this link:


If you have IMAQdx 3.6, this is not supported on LV 2010. To find the latest version of the NI Vision Acquisition Software go to this link.


Hope this helps!

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I think I actually have IMAQdx 3.2. Should I uninstall anything before I install the latest Vision module? Thanks!

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You dont need to uninstall. Just install the newest version...

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I installed the newest one, and it works like a charm. Thanks!!!!

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