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VBAI2010 - "Image File not found"


I am using Vision Builder for Automatic Inspection (VBAI) 2010. I am just writing simple steps to read a jpg file from a folder and process the image. What I did exactly was:

- Use "Simulate Acquisition" to select a jpg file

- No "cyling through the folder images"

- No "Cache Images"

- jpg file is: 800dpi, 8-bit gray scale, image size: 29288pix x 14172pix (36.6" x 17.7"), total file size is ~42MB


When I run the state (acquire the jpg image, not even executing the vision algorithm yet), it gives me an error "Image File not found".


What is the cause of this error?

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btw, I am using

- Windows XP


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Simulate acquisition step always load the last selected file. If this file doesn't exist anymore, you get this error message. In order to clear, it simply select a new file with the exploration button.


Hope this help.

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Hi toto26,

The file is not missing..

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For that image size you need ~400MB of free adress space in one piece. Maybe there isnt enough room for that?


You could try to read that image in an customVI step and check the error code (if there is one).

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Hi Rene_B,

- What is a customVI step? Could you please guide me through the steps?

- I have 3GB of RAM in my computer. How do I make sure I have a continuous piece of 400MB free space?

Thank you.

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For a customVI step you need to have LabVIEW installed and for the Image Open you need to install the Vision Development Toolkit (VDM Evaluation is enough for this task).


I wrote an example vi, i dont know, if you can use it without the software i mentioned above.



To use this you need to use the acquire image step and open any image (like a small one).

Then after you opened it, insert a customVI step ("Use Additional Tools"-Tab->"Run LabVIEW VI").


Fill in the file path control and click on test, to open the image.

If there is an error, the indicators will give you the exact error codes (this might be helpful).



You cant sort the Adressspace and your installed RAM has no impact to it (adress space is virtual, your OS mapps that to the RAM even if you have less or more RAM), sorry.

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The VI included above has dependencies (the sub VI and the image control typedef), so unless you have LV installed it won't open correctly. Try this one if you have problems with that VI being broken.




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