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VBAI : Missing All State Diagram & Inspection Step in Runtime License

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Dear All,


I had an issue when one of my vision inspection station suddenly cannot run in production. After check, found that all state diagram and inspection step already missing. But, since the station using runtime license, the configuration can't be deleted by user. Fortunately, we do have backup program and replace with the old ones.


Is there any reason or factor why this happening ?




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If there is an error in the inspection at the runtime, then the inspection closes itself and runs an empty inspection. So, I think there maybe a chance that a user can switch to configuration environment at that moment and save this empty inspection to an actual inspection by mistake.


The reason for that kind of error could be a missing hardware connection. I can suggest you to check out if recently there has been any problem at the inspection run, or if the user has experienced any DAQ, camera connection problem. Also please check last modification/save time of the .vbai file.

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I see. Thank you for your support.


And Regarding missing hardware connection, is it because of user not properly shutdown the computer or is there any reason that might cause this "missing hardware connection" ?

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Shutting down unproperly can cause some problems. But looking at this situation, I do not think it is the reason. I would consider different scenarios.


There may be a loose USB cable connection from DAQ, Camera. Or ethernet communication may be stopped similarly.


This can also happen if some other source is trying to connect to hardware. For example, if you acquire from camera on MAX, then run VBAI without closing MAX, VBAI can not initialize the camera since it is already used by MAX.


I can also suggest you to setup configuration interface password from options menu, so you know only the people who knows the password can edit inspection files.

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