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VB 2010 - Why I can not give an image logging step image name a numeric value ?

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I am using a Vision Builder 2010, I am trying to log a failed image as image and its data as a row in CSV file in different steps (data logging, image logging). 

My problem is that I want to link between the image and its row (in CSV file). I thought about system variable - inspection iteration counter (numeric), I want to save this number as a felid on a CSV file and as a part of the image file name. In this way, when I search for failure, I can look at the inspection iteration counter as an identifier (image and data). The problem is that I can not chose the inspection iteration counter as an image file name in the image logging step because it is numeric (I can not see it in the list , I see only the string variables) ,I don’t have a problem in the data logging step , because I can log the  inspection iteration counter as a felid .


How can I give a system variable - inspection iteration counter (numeric) as an image name????

Or is there any other way that I can give an image and a CSV data row a unique identifier (the same for both)??


Please help me.


A sample template and explanation image attached 


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08-27-2015 04:09 PM


A solution is to create a String Variable called for example "Iteration string", then you have to convert the system variable "Inspection Iteration Counter" from numeric to string using a "calculator step"

Variable convert

After the conversion, simply update your strin variable to the result of you "calculator step".

Then your variable will be available to create your image name in the "image logging" step.



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