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Using conversion to array to add 16 bit grayscale images

Dear all,


Usual disclaimers, first post, tried to search using a variety of terms, no luck, so posting a new question!


I am trying to perform a running a verage of a 16 bit grayscale image. I do not have access to the Vision development module.  My 'workaround' is to grab the image, convert to array and then, using a shift register, to add this array to that acquired at the previous loop iteration. The problem I am having is that the shift register, despite being fed data in a 16 bit unsigned word formatt, returns 8 bit data. The add function is then trying to add 16 bit to 8 bit data and returns an empty array.


Can anyone help? Surely it must be possible to use shift registers with arrays of 16 bit data?


Any help appreciated!

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Turns out replacing the shift registers with a feedback node solves the problem. Any explanation as to why this (beyond 'shift registers are not compatible with 16 bit arrays') would be great...

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Shift registers work with all datatypes. Can you show us your code?

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I would guess that the shift register was initialized with 8 bit data.  Once it is initialized, it keeps that kind of data.  The only way to know for sure is to show us your original code.



Bruce Ammons
Ammons Engineering
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