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Unable to uninstall NI-IMAQ

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I am on Windows 7,
Due to a video capture card discovery error I can not uninstall NI-IMAQ Runtime Engine 18.5 to install an earlier version:
the NI Package Manager does not see the NI-IMAQ execution engine, yet it is present in NI-MAX and the NI Vision Acquisition Software 18.0 installer. This one says to me: "a version of the more recent NI-IMAQ execution engine is already installed".
If you have an idea about this problem?

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Specifically, the installer says: "Can not install NI-IMAQ 18.0 Driver Support (higher version already installed)"

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Hey Marc,


Have you tried going to the software uninstaller?


If you got to add or remove programs in Windows you can select National Instruments software.


When selecting remove you get a prompt asking you what to remove.

Here you can select IMAQ.


Hope it helps!


Kind regards,

Natan Biesmans, CLA

The client has always one more "small" feature to add.
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Accepted by topic author MarcBASLER

Thank you for your reply,

The approach you describe opens the NI Package Manager.
There was one thing I had not seen: I just unchecked the option "products only" and there NI-IMAQ Runtime appears in the list.
However, uninstalling and reinstalling it in version 18.0 did not solve my error problem.


I am going to create another thread to report this error.


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