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Unable to set resolution in NI MAX with Basler ace

Hi Everyone!

We've just upgraded for a better camera to our project, now we are using an

basler ace usb3 1920-25uc

through MyRIO.


My question would be how is it possible to set the resolution in NI MAX? For an ordinary camera we never had any problem, but this time we can only trim the picture but the resolution setting box is 'grey' so unable for us.
Any tips how could we solve this porblem? For framrate reasons it would be important to be able to choose the best resolution-trim combination and not only set the trim.

Thank you also in advance!

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Can you provide a screenshot of what you're seeing in MAX? Also, what version of Vision Acquisition Software do you have?

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Some camera types (like web cameras) have specific video "modes" that encompass resolution, frame rate, and format into combined settings that I think you are describing the drop-down selection for.


Newer industrial cameras based on GigE Vision and USB3 Vision expose all these parameters individually as opposed to combined into modes. When you change what you call the "trim", you are actually changing the resolution the camera delivers. It is up to the camera and it's sensor as how they implement that functionality (in general, most sensors allow you to go faster when the resolution is reduced).


For the Ace in question, you should go to the camera attributes tab and play with the resolution and frame rate controls to find the combination you want. There should be an attribute that tells you what the maximum frame rate is given the current settings. The camera's manual can probably give you some more insight as well.



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To increase the FPS of the camera you just need to set the Region of Intrest(ROI) i.e Left, Top, Width & Height in Acquisition tab of camera settings in MAX.  As soon as you change the ROI, FPS of the camera will get updated and displayed at the right bottom in MAX.

forum.pngTo my knowledge resolution the camera can't be changed, but If you set a ROI then camera will acquire only trim region and this will lead to FPS increase.

Note: Small change in any of the  ROI values will not change the FPS of camera. One more thing is if Height of image is maximum and if you reduce Width FPS will not increase. FPS of camera is more sensitive to Height value. 




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did you ever try to change video mode for set different resolution ?
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