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Unable to load camera's XML file


     I'm developing a GigE Vision Camera.

     Now I have met the same problem

     I wonder how he has solved it.

     And I am not sure that I understand what replier:Eric suggested ,Did he mean to copy the XML file(used in camera) to

     the directory, ie C:\Users\Public\Documents\National Instruments\NI-IMAQdx\Data\XML?But now the software version I installed is Vision Acquisition 2010 August , NI-IMAQdx 3.7, No such similary  directory is found!

       thank you!

      Attachment is my xml!

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here is my xml file,when using our application in pc, everything is ok!


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I had the exact same problem last week. I went to update to VAS august 2010 and after I did it messed my system up and I kept getting the "unable to load xml file" error on my GigE camera. Some people suggested reinstalling your camera's firmware. Sadly enough, what worked for me was upgrading to a different version of the vision acquisition software. I used august 2009 instead and gave up on 2010.  

edit: here's the post I made about it. Someone also suggested using the "camera file gnerator" which they linked.

Hope you can figure it out! I know how frustrating it was when I was getting this error.

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smithers ,

  thank you.

  Have you fixed the problem finally?

  I will try to use  Camera File Generator . this is my first time to use it

  God bless me. 

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Yes, I've got my camera working since then. But I was never able to update to VAS august 2010. I used the 2009 version instead and it has no problem with my xml file. Hopefully you don't have to downgrade and find a real solution. Also try reloading your camera's firmware by contacting your vendor. Good luck!

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hi smithers:

It is sad vendor is myself. Maybe I need to  downgrade to 2009 vesion like you now,this has  wasted me too much time!

Could you send me your xml file as refence.Thank you!

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     Thank you, is it a xml file,different from mine

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